Farewell 2011!

Lets all welcome 2012 and say farewell to a very challenging 2011, but should we be optimistic or fearful of what lies ahead?

The economic conditions are continuing to make life very tough for producers, and the toy and consumer products industries are nervously assessing their books after what appears to be a very disappointing Christmas period. Here in the UK the British Retail Consortium have described the sales figures for the period as ‘miserable’ – enough said!

Here at Open Mind we are pushing forward with the development of a number of new and very exciting television and media projects, and we’ll stick by the mantra that ‘quality will always win the day’. Our Numberjacks Mission to Learn website saw increased take-up in membership over the Christmas period, and the new pricing structure that now sees members get ‘lifetime’ use of the site for under £20 is proving popular.

Certainly, parents are having to be far more choosy in how and where they spend their hard earned money at this time – with many items that were previously considered ‘day-to-day’ now being moved into the ‘luxury’ bracket. The same is also true to some degree with broadcasters and media owners, and they are rightly looking to get as much for their money as they possibly can. This, we feel, will favour producers such as Open Mind who not only have a highly cost-effective production operation but who specialise in producing content rich with the kind of values that many discerning consumers are looking-for.

So, let’s embrace the new year and look forward with some optimism. Happy New Year everyone!